Write These 5 Things- This Will Change Your Life

“Research shows that people who began writing 5 things that they were grateful for each day reported a dramatic increase in their personal level of happiness.“

Taken off the back of The Grown-UPS #GratitudeDoodle

It truly is fact 💯 that what we think about we bring about! When we say positive affirmations everyday it brings about a positive vibration that will resonate in our lives. Let’s always be mindful of what we say to ourselves because words hold MASSIVE power! They say “life and death is in the power of the tongue“ we can choose to use our words for good or not! But it’s up to us to decide what kind of life and mindset we want to have! It all starts with words.

Words and sounds are vibrations. Vibration is everything that the universe is composed of and we are connected in that infinite all! Vibrations vibe on different frequencies. Each frequency brings about a different density. That is why we are able to see certain things and only sense others. Speaking positive vibrations will elevate you on your path in life so let’s continue to grow together! 🌿

I am so Happy and Grateful...


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