U-N-I-T-Y ☮️

The goal is to connect with others, laugh with others, build with others, and to genuinely help people get to where they want to be! And in that... you will be fulfilled and you will become who you need to be!

I am still learning so many things about myself. I never realized that the journey to being completely healed is a continuing journey. I used to think that I was good, that I had a form of enlightenment! But just like with anything else, enlightenment has it’s levels. I am slowly learning that it is all about uniting and connecting with others. When you do that then your truly grow as a person and you’ll slowly start to see that life can be fulfilling. But it starts with self-love. And knowing who you are and the direction that you are going in life.

Love ❤️ yourself first and foremost and it will open you up to love others! Don’t be a doormat and neglect yourself but be useful and be a benefit to the lives of those around you. Be who you need to be. You have something to offer, you have something to give to the world! When you discover those gifts within, then you will see the quality of life increasing.


So continue to shine your light but don’t be afraid to help others shine their light. The atonement and the ultimate goal is about unity and oneness with THE ALL!

Peace ✌🏾

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