As I was looking through old videos of my children and myself throughout the years , I felt a sense of fear rise up within me as I realized how much we have changed!

I’ve been going through this mental, spiritual, physical transformation, that most successful entrepreneurs must go through...AKA the refining process 💎 that I feel I missed taking in a lot of small moments!

Now, that I have a clearer focus and have become stronger in who I am...I just want to stop and smell the roses 🌹 and enjoy my children while they are still young because they grow so fast! And when I think about it I too have grown so fast!

This drive and ambition tends to push people away so I find myself in solitude thinking that no one understands me at all but I don’t give them a chance to! So from now, on I’m being more rooted and transparent. It’s time to extend these branches!

#Peace ✌🏾 (the ultimate goal; the ultimate joy! Experience it now)

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