Time of Reflection

Thinking back to 2015-2016 this was an interesting time. In the first pic was a time where I forgot how to smile.



I was Going through my awakening phase and isolated myself from the world. I loved me but hated the world and the people in it besides my family and one to two friends. I had been "broke" for awhile and nobody but my family and one to two friends was there to help and they are my roots! Everyone else seemingly turned their backs or maybe it was I.


But fast forward to the next pic... I got the strength to leave my solitude and start taking more concrete action. I recognized my true self and the power I have within to create my life and determine how I feel! I walked away from a very bad energy that had been weighing me down and started to LOVE myself even more. I decided to go to the Garden of the Gods one Monday morning and since then I've been climbing my way back up!


Third picture is when I found a passion. The SMILE is genuine. I feel free! I'm not where I want to be (goal wise) but trust and believe I'm well on my way! I'm making new and better connections with people. I'm healthier. I've changed my circle of influence. And now life begins again. Death can't even stop me at this point because I have a DIVINE purpose to accomplish all that I set out to do in my heart! I'm allowing the spirit to guide me fully because only then will I reach heights I've never even imagined!


And now here I am!! Unapologetically me!! I am getting stronger every day! Pushed passed mental barriers and persevering!! Life is a journey! Our job is to peel back those layers of ego and get back to who we truly are! Stay focused and most of all live your best life! 😆


#4thDimension #Metamorphosis 🦋 #Butterfly

#Connect #ItsTheG

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