Story before every Glory... here is mine!

I stepped out on faith years ago. My leap happened in 2011, when I decided to pursue my hearts desire! Little did I know, the magnitude of lessons that would occur in that time. 


What I had built from that moment, prior to, was torn down. I had another baby and lost my ability to walk for a couple of months. Almost lost my health if I had listened to the doctors and took the prescribed medication, for an ailment that they didn’t fully understand.

I decided to remove some dead weight from my life and also, decided to go on a holistic route. Eventually I regained my strength again with Vitamin supplements, anti-inflammatory medicine, and persistence. I could no longer afford my home, and with a 7-year old, a newborn baby, and a healing knee I packed up a three story home and moved to Atlanta. I wasn’t ready to thrive in Atlanta being a single mother so I lasted 3months and came back to the sheltering and comfort of my family who had helped me throughout the years. But my drive and determination to live a fulfilled life burned deep in my soul. 

Eventually, I was lead to a dark place, no longer having the passion to do what I thought I loved; radio and entertainment. The industry was cut throat and there was no love in it, just pain 💔. So I ventured out and tried new things but those brought failure. I looked around and there were minimal friends to turn to. But there were few that were sent to me on my journey whom helped and taught me lessons that strengthened my spirit. 

In the darkness I became a new woman. One day I got out of my depression and decided to workout to get the blood flowing through my brain so I can get a mood boost. So I did a dance fitness 30-day challenge on YouTube and in that moment I knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to do dance fitness! So I instantly looked up one of the only dance fitness companies that I knew of at the time; Zumba! I saw the training was within two months so I found an opportunity to make a quick buck and invested into the training. 

After the training I knew I had to find a way to generate more energy and I had to make money somehow! So I turned to my hustle that I learned long ago...bartending! My friend Nadia told me about this bartend school back in 2012, and I decided to take it in case I needed to hustle at some point. And yes, it paid off greatly! I started to get around people again and socializing, touching and holding money again and it felt good! 

At a certain point it was time to leave that industry and step into the health and wellness sector so I could finally start this dance fitness journey! It’s had it’s up and downs but it was the greatest decision I have made and it has opened up so many doors! I now hold two dance fitness certifications, Zumba and MixxedFit as well as an AFAA group fitness certification, a NCSF personal training certification. A Yoga certification. Also, have certifications within Zumba such as Zumba Kids and Kids Jr, Zumba Gold, and Strong By Zumba. I teach Zumba three times a week, I have taught in master classes, presented on stage, attended jam sessions, and two conventions, I have also volunteered at CPCD (headstart program) teaching Zumba to the parents of preschoolers at their health and wellness workshop. Now I am booked to teach a couple of MixxedFit classes. All within a two year time frame. January 2016 was when I made the decision to do dance fitness.

 The journey has been endless! My brand ItsTheG has taken on a new life and is expanding into the business that I have originally set it out to be! I am closer with my children because I am happier and I see their mindsets geared towards health and wellness! My spiritual life has strengthened and I have found an intelligence within me that I never knew I had! The journey has not been easy but my faith and vision that creates my reality is showing me that it is worth it!

You’ll see my glory but do you know my story! So much be continued.



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