Silence is Power!

One of my favorite memes states that you should keep 3 things in your life private. Your love life, finances, and next move.

The reason is because not everything needs to be displayed for the public. And I don’t mean stay silent on things forever; but initially. It’s better to nurture and cultivate a relationship and know that it’ll be something more solid before you go tell the world. Don’t be in such a rush to bring everyone into your union. It’s such a great feeling.

I have been guilty of being someone who always shouted out the next move. It damages your credibility when the plan doesn’t go through or as fast as you anticipated. So I wait until a significant aspect of what I am working on is complete before I present to the public. When it’s in an idea phase it’s just like a relationship it must be nourished and cultivated before everyone is involved in it.

And of course finances should be discussed mildly. The world doesn’t need to know about your financial troubles or if you are anticipating a major come up. Let them see it by the life you live or if you have significantly made an increase such as made and earned a million dollars and can be used an inspiration and leader in showing others how you did it!

The main thing is that silence is golden! It feels good to hold in certain aspects of your life and present them majorly when the time is ready! It feels good to deliver a shock factor. It holds great power. Also, when you display too much of yourself you are susceptible to bad juju because let’s face it, not everyone wants to see you do good. So know who’s in your grass first before you trust them enough to tell of your plans.

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