Postive Mindset to Manifest

If you are a student of manifestation and the Law of Attraction then you would know the importance of keeping your emotions positive. At times it is not easy to keep a positive mindset when there is chaos all around you. Our environment plays a major deal in how and what we manifest.

I only speak from experience because environment can be one of the hardest things to change and can be the main thing that continues to pull us back from where we are trying to go in our lives. But I eventually had to learn and truly OVERstand the law of nature that states "As within so without" what goes on internally can affect us externally. In order to change our external environment and how we see the world we must change our internal environment.

During my practice of Kemetic Yoga I started to learn the importance of proper breathing and how when we align our breathing with our movements it can create a different frequency in our total body. When we are emitting and manifesting from a higher frequency we start to live the life we desire. Not only does breathing help to increase our frequency biochemically through movement but it also helps to reduce stress and put us more into a positive state of mind.

I used to want to manifest money but I came from a state of lack. I would get a little and focus on the amount as opposed to the energy. Now when I generate money I genuily get excited just to manifest the numbers no matter how big or small. I now understand that it's all about the energy we put out and as long as I am grateful then I will recieve abundantly. The Universe responds to the vibrational frequency we put out through our thoughts and actions. We can fake it until we make it but faking it too long will not make anything but chaos and confusion happen. So focus on breathing and creating mindfulness within you so that you can operate on higher levels to manifest all that you truly desire in your heart...whether it's love, money, opportunity, etc....

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