Passion Is Purpose

Why is passion important?

Passion leads us to our true purpose in life. Society has impinged upon us that we must seek superficial means in order to make a living. So therefore passion and status has been measured by material wealth. And wealth is determined by how well off you are financially!

I consider those the base level of wealth and happiness. True wealth lies in the abundance of your spirit. Life should be measured based on the quality of life and not quantity. When you have a passion in your heart. Go for it! The more you dive deep into your passion the more wealth you obtain because now you’re operating on a positive frequency! The wealth that comes from living in your passion comes deep from the spirit. As above so below. As within as without. Keep tuning into the frequency of your spirit and you will acquire the base level of wealth which is material gain. But in this way it is based upon your soul and not societys standard or expectation.

Choose you! I choose me! Let’s be better! 😊❤️


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