It's a LIFESTYLE Change!!

Are you ready to change your life for the absolute better?!!

I know I am. Making the decision to enter the health and wellness field has been the best thing I have ever done. In my younger days I was like most 20 something year olds, living a wild lifestyle. I remember when I looked forward to destroying my body every weekend by getting insanely drunk and partying. But geesh! Why do we do such things! I remember the feeling of drinking way too much and in the moment wondering "OMG why did I do this" as my head was spinning and I was trying hard to mentally reverse the effects that were progressing!

It's interesting that in those moments I didn't realize that I was legit poisoning myself! My organs were in distress and OH MY LIVER!! Then I wondered why I dealt with depression and emotional instability! Those are the emotions that deal directly with the liver.

I didn't have a consistent workout plan in which I would do yoga or any type of specific exercise! It got to a point where enough was enough because my health was starting to deteriorate due to stress and toxic relationships. I went through a period of time where I could not walk for three months due to inflammation to my right knee. I remember panicking because I always took pride in having strong legs and now the strongest ligament in my body was deteriorating from an unknown reason.

Although, that period of time was not the pivotal point that caused me to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. It was definitely the seed that was planted in my mind that would steer me towards it in a later part of life. Eventually as I reflected back I realized that toxic behaviors, environment, and people can cause toxins to manifest degenerately in the physical body.

On a deeper aspect it was the toxins that I put in my body that was manifesting those people and circumstances. That is why I am an advocate on total body wellness: spirit, mind, and body. Often times we don't realize that what goes on in the spiritual world manifests itself physically. It's the law of nature.

When I made a decision to change my life, the things that surrounded me started to change also. I am in a much better place and things get better and better in time. With a little patience and perseverance we can get through anything!

What toxic habits do you currently have? What can you start to put in it's place to re-channel the energy into something more positive?

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