How Vegan-ism Inspired my Hair Journey

Peace Fambly,

I want to tell you about how my decision to go vegan inspired me to loc my hair! If you don't know what "locs" are it is a shortened element of the word dread loc. Because there is nothing "dreadful" about them, I prefer to just call them locs!

Locs are a huge commitment. I never thought I would be able to commit to a hairstyle but the more I learn about them and see how they benefit my life, the more I am sold on the process. For me locs are spiritual and not just material. When we are wearing such hairstyle it is liberating and connective to culture. I stand proud to wear my hair like this because I don't have a desire to put any harsh straightening chemicals in my hair. Nor do I want to go to the hair store and buy hair, etc...

I was tired of always having to do my hair to look presentable. With locs I can just get up and go! Plus, locs thrive with natural hair butters and oils.

Check out this video on my YouTube to get the full experience of how and why I started my loc journey...oh and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!

I am on a mission to connect with my culture. I am a proud Gullah Geechee descendent and want to spread the knowledge and wisdom of my culture. Wearing these locs link me to my Caribbean roots and I feel proud to be a part of such an amazing culture!

G-GANG!! Where ya' at?! #HollaBack


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