How and Why to Check Your Bodies pH Levels

When it comes to optimal health and ensuring that we stay at our best we must remain in balance. A lot of the time we focus on ourselves externally but shifting gears and focusing on ourselves internally takes a lot of work. It takes us doing things that we never would imagine doing. Just recently I measured my bodies pH levels and discovered I was alkaline. Now although being alkaline is a good thing, but just as anything else, too much of something is not a good thing. We want to have a balance of alkaline and acidity within our bodies. When I say acidic I do not mean "toxic"....there is a huge difference.

pH means potential for hydrogen. " The alkaline and acid balance in the body should be about 80% alkaline and 20% acid. This balance will give a reading of normal on the pH scale, and normal pH is also considered alkaline" also "...a person should eat eighty percent alkaline foods and twenty percent acid foods." states Dr. Akua Gray (Detox Therapy- Detoxing Should Feel Good Too).

This is why a plant based diet is essential to a healthy body because most plants are alkaline. In my case I drink mainly alkaline water and now have switched to a plant-based lifestyle and it has left my body alkaline. Too much alkalinity can slow the organs down but on the contrary too much acidity can cause the body to over-process foods and cause the body to be in a state of dis-ease or dis-harmony. Balancing out the body is the best thing to keep everything working together in harmony. In Kemetic tradition it is what we refer to as Ma'at.

Check below as I give you an overview of my experience with measuring my body pH:

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