Healthy Snack-Baked Plantains

The other day my mom, daughter, and I ventured out to check out this new African market in town. We looked around and noticed a bag of plantain chips on the shelf. While in my vegan mind I figured hey, this is a healthy snack that I can try. So I bought it and it was delici-o-so! That's when the thought occurred to me that I might as well try it myself and get more bang for my buck!

This vegan thing gets more and more fun as I try out new recipes that I never thought to experience before. I find myself going to the store a lot more often as I try new things while adapting to this lifestyle. I know eventually I will find a mode and then grocery shopping for the things I like will become second nature but for now I am having fun exploring.

With these plantain chips I heated the oven on 400 degrees (although 450 will be better fo next time)

🍌I sliced a thin line down the center of the plantain to peal it without puncturing the inside.

🍌I then sliced them in thin round slices

🍌Coated with Himalayan salt, pepper, and olive oil (be as creative with spices for your preferred flavor)

🍌Put plantains evenly on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper

🍌I then put in the oven for 8-10min then flipped over and put in for another 8-10min

I liked how they turned out but next time I will crisp them a little longer. I also noticed that the riper the plantain the better it taste. I had one ripe and one that was not as ripe and the ripened ones of course had more flavor! But overall I am proud of myself for stepping into a new zone and finding a new found love for cooking!

Cheers to a healthier and happier lifestyle as we continue to Detox Yo' Life, Spirit, Mind, Body!

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