Health and Wellness is FUN!

Before I began this vegan journey I would often hear how expensive it was. And I admit that I too had that mindset. I thought that the only places I could shop was the natural food stores or the farmers market. My ignorance is what kept me from making this decision much sooner in life.

In the western society it is forced upon us to think, behave, and eat in certain ways and going beyond that paradigm always seems so foreign. When I made the decision I said I am going to trust that the universe will provide me what I need because this is the divine and righteous path. I am doing this so that I don't indulge in the suffering of others. (Yes, partial of my reasons for this is spiritual.)

I can tell you that I have been supplied with all that I need. If anything I have only experienced more abundance in my life in so many ways. I am more focused, more energized, and my fridge is full. I have so much produce that it has been going to waste because I can't eat it quick enough (working on being more mindful of that). But what I am saying, is that when you trust and make the right decisions everything will work in your favor and you'll see how affordable it all is!

The other day I went to the Dollar Tree and saw that they had vegan whole wheat organic rice cakes! So I scooped them up. I decided I can create some fun ideas with this. What are you favorite toppings? Nut butters, fruits, jams, etc...

Another thing I attempted were these banana treats. When my bananas started to get super soft I mushed them up. Put some oats on top with dried cranberries and coated with almond flour and threw them in the oven! I figured I could experiment with fun baked treats that my children can enjoy in the mornings or snack time. These came out...ok! After I took them out the oven I put in the fridge overnight to solidify and dipped them in 100% pure maple syrup. I'll definitely be researching and trying new things to perfect them! I love a fun banana treat! So healthy and tasty.

Even the other day while shopping at Safeway they had plant based protein on sale. I get the ones that look like hamburger and ground beef. Last night was a Taco night with VEGAN ingredients! Whole wheat tortillas, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, and salsa! And it was delicious and my children were fulfilled and satisfied! Next up, stuffed peppers!! We don't have to stop eating the foods we love we just have to substitute a couple of ingredients and WALAH we have a great meal that the entire family can enjoy 🤗!!

Let's start to have fun! A journey to health and wellness is not a "sacrifice" but it's something to be enjoyed. Start to enjoy how your body is feeling! Start to notice the clarity of your mind. And my favorite is, start experiencing the manifestations starting to take fruition more easily and frequently! When we vibrate higher (with a lighter body) we will get more out of life!!

#DetoxYoLife #SpiritMindBody

G-GANG!! Where ya' at?! #HollaBack

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