Have You Felt The Storm?


I took this picture 7 years ago and from this time to now, so much significant change has happened. Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically I am a new person...so it seems! But truth be told I had to go through a storm ⛈☔️ so that I can shed a light of hope to those who are going through it or those that are coming out of it! Let me be your umbrella and give you a ray of sunshine ☀️ in the darkness. Let me be your medicine in the midst of healing! Let me be your friend during your solitude.

There comes a time when it feels as if we are losing ourselves! When in actuality, we are losing our egos and stepping into our true selves; our higher selves! The way to ascend higher is to keep going! It’s ok to look back as long as it is for reflection, just don’t tie emotion to any circumstance (I will elaborate on emotional attachment in a future post so #StayTuned)

As the fog clears out of my sights, I am starting to see more clearly. I am starting to see that everything that I have been through has played it’s part on developing a vision I set forth long ago! From the financial/business failures to the emotional heartbreaks. I felt alone so many times but those times were necessary for healing and to recognize what real love and support actually is!

Don’t be discouraged by what feels like a downward path for every failure brings about an equivalent success!


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out!

I’ll talk to you later


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