A Personal Journey to Detoxing

When you think of the term detox, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it pooping, drug detox, or a bodily cleanse to reset your organs?

Well, detoxing is of course all of these things! People often detox for various reasons. Before I stepped into the detox lifestyle I never really considered it to be a major part of my nutritional regimen. I knew I had to eat a lot better than I had been but never really correlated the fact that it is important to have a bodily recharge on a regular basis.

My first experience with detoxing was a China Slim Tea and boy oh boy did that cleanse me out! But it was not an experience that was able to convince me to continue to cleanse out my body. The only ingredient it contained was Senna Leaf and Senna is a natural laxative and it has a very STRONG effect!

My second experience with detoxing was when I was a supervisor at the Vitamin Shoppe. We had a whole section dedicated to detox supplements. The selection ranged from total body detox, liver detox, laxative cleanses, etc.... As an associate (or shall I say a health enthusiast) we were required to study and have a general knowledge on the supplements we sold. I did not really study in depth the notion of detox and why it was truly important. I just knew about a few of the ingredients and what they were designed to do. The main reason customers inquired about the section was because they were avid marijuana users and needed to "cleanse" their system before a drug test. Of course I could never endorse that notion or make any guarantees that it would actually work, I just pointed them to the section and said "Good Luck" !

It wasn't until I was introduced to a product called Kai Tea now known as Vacia Detox Tea from a company called Tava. I wanted to continue to expand my brand into a more wholeness company and was intrigued by the product. As with all things, when I decide to endorse a product I will delve as deep as I can within the sector of interest. So I eventually took a course from a naturopathic doctor on detox therapy. It was then when I started to open my eyes to the importance of doing a regular detox!

When I started to incorporate the knowledge I gained on detoxing, I started to see a major shift in my life. Certain people, situations, habits started to fade away and left me with a more clear mind and an expanded vision when it came to total body wellness! One thing we must note is that detoxing is not a one time thing, it is a LIFESTYLE change!

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