Cry for Wellness Sake! 😢

When you are feeling it ....release it!


It's good to cry because crying releases pain. Pain from the heart, pain from the spirit, pain from the body. It's ok to release because eventually you'll be crying of gratitude because you will recognize the lesson it taught.

You now see the love that surrounds you more and more. You can only get to that point of gratitude as long as you don't attach yourself to the emotion by letting it fester. You have to learn to let go of certain  thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to bring about a shift of enlightenment.

Let go of the bondage that hurt can bring and learn to heal. Each day say, “I am healed.” It's as simple as that. Positive affirmations and self encouragement is the way to grow and become who you need to be.

Don't worry about who is or isn't around. Don't be so quick to label anything and everybody. Just put boundaries where they are needed and understand that “que sera sera,”... whatever will be will be so let it become.

In the meantime focus on what is in your heart and it will lead you to the right path. If something doesn't feel right then maybe it isn't. Trust your intuition. That intuition is how you recognize the paths that you need to go in order to learn a lesson or avoid a very bad situation.

Stay the course, the spirit is leading you and trust that it knows what it's doing. In the meantime strengthen yourself mind, body, spirit and activate the God/Goddess within. #Asé

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