Ashga-WHAT this Healing Herb?!!

Do you find yourself in stressful situations more often than not? Living in this type of world in modern society can definitely bring on its share of stressful situations.

I went through a period in my life where I was dealing with depression and social anxiety. I honestly thought weed was the way to go and thought it was actually helping me deal with these stressors. But it turned out that is was handicapping me!

When I made the decision to break the habit of weed addiction, I found out that there are other herbs designed to calm the nervous system down and help deal with stress a lot more effectively. These herbs are known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs that help reduce the influx of stress hormones such as cortisol from being released in the body.

The herb I want to highlight is Ashwaganda. An Aryuvedic herb with many healing properties such as stress reducer, increaser of energy, and improves concentration. I take mine as an herbal tincture but you can get it in a myriad of forms to include: bulk herbs, capsules, etc...,. I find that tinctures work well for me because I can handle the strong taste and honestly enjoy taking them in it's liquid form for faster absorption.

I used to have bad road rage and social anxiety but ever since adapting to this herb I have noticed that I am a lot more calmer in situations that use to raise my cortisol levels! My mind is more at ease and my mood is much more pleasant. I am able to focus and get more things done without feeling as if I am spiraling. I would not say that Ashwaganda is the complete reason, but it did help along with yoga, meditation, and self reiki sessions!!

Healing is SO necessary and sometimes it takes supplementation to give us that extra support as we adapt to healthy habits that will propel us to greater levels in life while keeping our bodies in a state of equilibrium.

Remember to always stay happy, healthy, and healed and Detox Yo' Life including those stressors! Continue to ROCK ON, and I will talk with you next time!



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