Are You The Chosen One?

We hear of people talking about "The Chosen Ones" as if there is a small group of people already hand picked to be enlightened or powerful, by some esoteric being. When the fact is, we are ALL chosen to be great and to ascend. It is us who has to CHOSE to listen to that inner voice within us. We must chose to silence our minds and find peace within our hearts. It will never be anything outside of self that tells you what to choose or what paths to take! It is all within.

Always remember that you are an infinite being made up of universal energy. You were not created. You can't be destroyed by anything or anybody! You merely transform. The transformation happens on different levels and frequencies. In the mind, body, and spirit. So continue to find ways to access and strengthen that within you so that you are more aware of how things truly operate.

Once you start getting that inner and overstanding you will master your entire existence, infinitely! It's all about connecting and opening up the mind to receive all that it needs to become what it needs to become..

Knowledge and wisdom is the key to the mysteries of life. Start to unlock those mysteries and step into the doors of infinite light! We are all here for a purpose. We all possess skills and talents to share with the world. Some talents and skills are given to those whose paths align with it. There purpose here in this earth is for them just likes yours is for you. That is why it is important to not be discouraged by others who are seemingly making it or those have obtained the success you desire! Simply say congrats and allow them to live out there purpose while you continue to follow your inner guidance. Once you do that you'll see the possibilities are endless.

When you base your life off of others then you are limiting yourself to those infinite possibilities! Those overnight successes took 10+ years of training. They fueled that success with blood, sweat, and tears. There are some exceptions when speaking of material wealth. But what is true success? True success is an element of growth. If you want to grow within yourself to access your full potential, your self actualized power then you have to continue to strive and perfect, without losing yourself or becoming unaligned. It takes balance. You don't achieve that by worrying about the path of others. And you don't do  that by not having to go through some type of refining process.

Refining process can feel "dark" and "lonely" but that is all based on perception. The truth of the process is like a catapiller in a cocoon. It had to separate from the physical world in order to truly go within itself and transform into a butterfly 🦋.

The spirit knows how to cleanse itself and it must do that without outside influences and distractions. That is why we lose friends and it seems like we are in it alone. But we aren't. It's impossible for us to be alone because we are universal energy so therefore we are connected with everything in the universe! Just learn to connect and know that our perceptions in this dimension is distorted. We are not separate we only perceive it that way because of physical form. But these physical forms have proven to be weak because they shed. But the spirit is strong so its forever. We are forever. But while we are here let's learn to access our power and get back to recognizing our truths. Master the spirit, master the mind, master the body, and then master the universe! 


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